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Easy of Use

Investing in cryptocurrencies doesn’t have to be complicated. We make this thing look easy!


Your experience with Coin Blanco will show you exactly why we are the best at it.


Our customer service will make sure that you are put first and all your concerns and issues are handled promptly. No exceptions!

Your peace of mind is guaranteed with Coin Blanco

Investing in cryptos comes with a certain degree of risk, one of them is trusting your crypto exchange. With Coin Blanco, you don’t need to worry as you’ll find the proof below.

Peace of

Coin Blanco is a “peace of mind” crypto exchange. Why? Because we’ve been through all the legal procedures to make sure that everything has been done properly.

Security certifications

Security is paramount when it comes to purchasing or selling cryptocurrencies like bitcoin. Our encryption is state-of-the-art.

We don’t store your data

That’s right, we’ll never store your data on our servers. So, when you make a transaction with us, your card details aren’t seen by anyone at Coin Blanco.

Ultimate peace of mind

Not only are we compliant, which is a rarity when it comes to crypto exchanges, but our platform is extremely secure. Peace of mind all the way!

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Coin Blanco is an easy-to-use crypto exchange

Making sure that a crypto exchange is easy-to-use is one of the first things that you need to take into consideration. Even though cryptocurrencies are decentralised, crypto exchanges are not, which gives a layer of security.

That’s why we made 100% sure that Coin Blanco is an easy-to-use crypto exchange. This ensures that we are no “a here today gone tomorrow” exchange.

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Coin Blanco gives you a simple & safe way to invest in crypto

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