Best-in-Class Security Protects Your Crypto Investments at Coin Blanco

Coin Blanco has been built on providing peace of mind when it comes to customer care and security surrounding your cryptocurrency investments. In fact, we can go as far as saying that safeguarding your funds as well as your privacy is our prime objective. Our approach to protecting your investments is simple, yet superbly intricate at the same time. Our team of security experts have built and continue to monitor all avenues when it comes to preventing information breaches or the theft of money. As a leading cryptocurrency exchange, we provide all our clients with the financial stability they’re looking for, and this also requires the highest standards of legal compliance when it comes to dealing with anyone who wants to buy or sell cryptocurrencies.

Coin Storage Security

Coin storage isn’t something that should be overlooked, and so we’ve decided to do things a little different when compared to other cryptocurrency exchanges. Instead of storing everything online, we’ve chosen to store 99% of all deposits offline. “Is that safe?” you say? Yes, it’s super-safe. You see, we store these deposits in air-gapped storage, which is also chilled to minus four degrees celsius, 24.8 fahrenheit. As a cryptocurrency exchange, we also keep full reserves plus a further ten percent, and we do this so that when it comes to you selling a cryptocurrency such as bitcoin or Ethereum through our exchange, you can always withdraw your fiat amount immediately.

Ultimate Crypto Exchange Platform Security

As Coin Blanco is a cryptocurrency exchange, we use our state of the art platform to process buy and sell orders from all our customers. To ensure that the security surrounding our platform remains at optimum levels, we’ve based the servers our platform sits on in secure cages. All our servers are under strict 24/7 surveillance, and they are guarded by armed guards. We also use a Mobotix security camera system, which is a best-in-class and award-winning security video monitoring system. All physical access to our servers, which includes code deployment is strictly controlled, logged, and monitored. When it comes to our servers, you can have the peace of mind that everything at Coin Blanco is under control, 24/7.

Hack Prevention Penetration Testing

As we are a cryptocurrency exchange that’s used by buyers and sellers of cryptocurrencies throughout the world, we have to remain vigilant when it comes to cyber attacks. To marginalise all cyber attacks, we have created a dedicated Penetration Testing team whose job it is to test our own platform and systems against possible attacks. It’s their job to fire every imaginable attack vector against the Coin Blanco Platform as well as against our own internal systems. We use the award-winning Acunetix security testing solution for securing every system that’s online.

 Our new Penetration Testing team is hard at work at detecting all sorts of vulnerabilities, which includes SQL injections, XSS, misconfigurations, weak passwords, exposed databases, and out-of-band vulnerabilities. Once again, you can have the complete peace of mind that we are doing everything possible to ensure the protection of all our systems.

Security Features

  • We use 2FA, which is a Google Authenticator, as well as a Yubikey to keep all your information and your account super-secure.
  • We provide a sophisticated, yet easy to use account recovery system, meaning your Coin Blanco account always remains in your hands.
  • Whenever you request a withdrawal of your funds, we confirm your request via email. We also employ a self-serve account lock for added protection.
  • We give you the flexibility to configure your Coin Blanco account timeout session, adding yet another layer of great protection on your account.
  • We have developed a series of customizable, granular API key permissions with range boundaries, which are there to protect us and you.
  • We provide PGP signed emails, which means that all emails are cryptographically signed and are fully encrypted for added communicational security.
  • We employ Extended Validation Certificates (EV SSL), which is the highest-ranking and most expensive SSL certificate type for your protection.
  • Our Security team is constantly monitoring for any suspicious activity, and they’re doing this in real-time to ensure zero threats or attacks.
  • We take risk extremely seriously, which is why we offer a Zero settlement risk. There’s absolutely no chargeback fraud when trading crypto with us.
  • We treat all data as sensitive, which is why we fully encrypt data at rest and in transit, ensuring that each data feed is kept secure at all times.

Looking to buy bitcoin?

If you’re interested in buying bitcoin, go ahead and open your Coin Blanco account. Once we’ve verified your account, you can start buying bitcoin. It really is that easy when it comes to buying bitcoin with Coin Blanco!

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