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Tether was one of the earliest stablecoins and it’s pegged to the US dollar, which definitely makes it interesting for a lot of investors. If you’re looking for a crypto that’s pegged to the dollar, Tether is right up your street! Use our calculator to see how much Tether you want to buy or sell.




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Everything you need to know about Tether

Tether was the first ever stable coin created. You can read a lot more about what a stablecoin is on our FAQ, or you can continue reading here and we’ll briefly explain it. So, what is a stablecoin? Well, as the name suggests, it’s a cryptocurrency that doesn’t fluctuate in price, ergo, giving it a stable price.

Okay, so where did Tether come from?

Tether, or USDT as it’s widely known, was created in 2014 as the first “stablecoin”, a digital asset that’s fully backed 1:1 by traditional fiat currency, which in the case of Tether is the US dollar. Even though the ticker name of Tether is USDT, a lot of investors refer to Tether via its ticker name, USDT, and we’ll do so here, too.

Tether is designed to be used as a means of converting cash to digital currency. In fact, there’s a claim that all Tethers in circulation reflect the amount of their reserves in

US dollars. We personally don’t believe this. We personally don’t believe this. As Coin Blanco is a crypto exchange, we get to see a small sample size of the amount of Tether that’s traded daily. Plus there are reports which state that if you calculate all the Tether in circulation, it amounts to nearly 80% more than all the US dollars in reserve. Even so, Tether’s value remains extremely close to 1 dollar at all times.

Tether’s technology started back in 2012 with a white paper written by J.R. Willet. Willet was joined by Brock Pierce in that concept, as they worked together to create Mastercoin, the technology which Tether is based on. At first, it was called Realcoin, but in 2014, Tether CEO Reeve Collins announced the project was being renamed to “Tether” as this digital currency is “tethered” to the world’s biggest fiat currency, the US dollar.

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